Counseling Office

Creekview Counselors
Counselor Email Phone
Tina Iglesias (A-C) Email 972-968-4827
Janine Kay (D-H) Email 972-968-4825
Alejandra Romo (I-Ne) Email 972-968-4826
Melanie Gotlieb (Ng-Sh) Email 972-968-4970
Jennifer Weatherford (Si-Z), Lead Counselor Email 972-968-4804

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Counseling Secretaries
Kelli Parker

Ann Warren

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Anonymous Alerts

Have a friend in need? Is someone you know the target of violence or bullying? Did you see or hear something? Say something! Make an anonymous report and get help! It’s okay to help a friend. Go to Anonymous Alerts from any Internet-connected device. Click on the web button called “Anonymous Alerts”. Fill out your incident report.

Suicide Hotlines

1800-273-TALK (8255) National Suicide Prevention Lifeline