Welcome to Creekview Attendance!

We would like to let you know our policies and procedures to ensure a smooth transition to Creekview.

Attendance is done by the student’s grade level:



9th Grade
Susan Morgan


10th Grade
Feyza Zelaya


Lily Guzman

11th Grade
Liliana Guzman



12th Grade
Alisia Flores

  • If your student will be staying home sick, please call or email so that we can verify the absence.
  • Work can be collected for your student if requested by the parent. You may also email the teachers directly.
  • If your student has a doctor’s appointment or must leave during school hours please call at least 30 minutes before pick-up. We will send your child a pass to meet you in the office at the designated time. You must come into the office and sign your child out. When the student returns to school, they must sign back in you do not need to accompany him/her into the office.
  • Students who drive themselves to and from school need parental approval before leaving for appointments during the school day. Parents can call/email the attendance clerk and we will send them a pass to leave campus at the designated time.
  • In order to remove the absence for the class missed due to an appointment, the student must return to school with a note from the doctor/court. This form must then be returned to the attendance secretary no later than 3 days so that the absence can be removed.
  • Students who exceed 4 absences in the fall and 5 absences in the spring per class per semester fall below the 90% attendance requirement. Exceeding this will result in the student absence failing the class.
  • Students who are considered absence failing excess absence maybe recovered by attending 30 minute tutorial session for each absent over the allotted amount.
  • Juniors and Seniors are permitted 2 college days. They must bring a letter from the school visited. They will also need to complete the Verification of Work Completed form before the absence can be removed.