Avant offers proficiency and placement tests that cover a range of needs, languages, and ages. All of Avant’s online tests assess true language proficiency with reliable and accurate data and are easy to use, cost-effective, and provide quick results.

Avant’s proficiency tests are used across the world to measure student learning outcomes,  illustrate program quality, and create a path to the Seal of Biliteracy. All Avant proficiency tests are aligned to the ACTFL Proficiency Scale.


Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin (Simplified & Traditional), Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Amharic, Armenian, Chin, Czech, English, Filipino (Tagalog), Haitian-Creole, Hmong, Ilocano, Samoan, Somali Maay Maay, Somali Maxaa, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese, Yup’ik, Modern Standard Arabic

The AVANT exam is free. CFB pays approximately $25 for each test, and we ask that students do not register for a test if they do not intend to take it at this time. If a student wishes to test later in the school year, your counselor will register the student one month before they would like to test. See your counselor to register. 

Tips to be successful on the AVANT Credit By Exam:

  1. Review the information in this link to help you prepare for the AVANT exam for Foreign Language Credit: https://avantassessment.com/sample-tests 
  2. For most languages, you will complete four sections: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  Reading and listening questions will be in multiple choice format. You are encouraged to elaborate as much as possible on the writing and speaking sections in order to demonstrate mastery and possibly receive multiple semesters of credit.

***The AVANT exam will give you high school credit only.  If you are a native speaker and you are interested in earning college credit, you should sign up to take the AP Spanish Language Exam, AP French Language Exam, AP German Language Exam, AP Chinese Language Exam, AP Japanese Language Exam or the AP Italian Exam. See your counselor for more information.***