GPA & Ranking

Grade Point Averages (GPAs) and class rankings occur twice each school year for all students – in January and June – after semester grades are finalized. Senior calculations are also done in early October to allow for accurate rankings of all in the class who might apply for early admissions.  Seniors are ranked again for Graduation Honors purposes after the third nine-weeks grades are reported and finalized.

It is possible that not every course grade found in a student’s record is included in the GPA so simply adding the grades listed on a transcript and dividing by the count does not always equate to the calculated GPA done at the district level.  Please refer to the Educational Planning Guide for more information.

CFBISD uses a weighted grade scale out of 100 for ranking but also reports an unweighted College GPA on a 4.0 scale.  Both are noted on the bottom right of the transcript.