Law & Criminal Justice Academy

Creekview’s Law and Criminal Justice Academy provides opportunities for students to explore various aspects of the American legal system.  Students may choose from the Law, Law Enforcement, or the Political Science strands, compete on our Mock Trial or Moot Court teams, and study through either the traditional or Dual Credit pathway.  Experiences both in and out of the classroom help students build relationships and leadership skills, critical thinking and reasoning skills, and oral advocacy skills which will be valuable both in the legal profession as well as any other career path a student might choose after high school.

Who Are We?
Since 2003, the Law and Criminal Justice Academy has become a staple of CFBISD and the Academy’s extensive educational opportunities in the classroom and across the country provide students with the tools necessary to continue on a path into the Criminal Justice System. With the new year upon us, the Law and Criminal Justice Academy is looking to build on our continuously growing foundation of success.

Recruiting begins in November, and we will be visiting all district middle school campuses as well as Mary Immaculate’ s campus.  Since revising the recruiting process and refining the application, the Law Academy has been able to recruit some of our strongest classes to date.

We look forward to that opportunity again this year. Events that are evident of the continuous growth of the Academy are our trip to Austin with the YMCA, Crowley Courthouse in Dallas, and our academy wide lock-in in the fall.  With these activities, students have the opportunity to engage with their learning environment and better understand how our justice system works. We want students to experience what they learn and then be willing to transfer that learning to different situations.

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