Band Results

2020 Fall Creekview Band Results

Congratulations to the 2020 Creekview Band

Here are the band placements for the Fall - IN ALPHA ORDER

We’re incredibly fortunate and thankful for the outstanding teaching in our Middle Schools – Thank you Keith Marshall, Jonathan Adamo, Brian Palmer, Julia Lawson, Michelle Black and Darryl Crowder!

Our students will start the Fall in the following band placements and have their span of 4 years to utilize Lessons, Region, UIL, eligibility, Marching Band, Jazz Band, Guard, Drumline, Full Orchestra, Musicals, Concerts and contests to help accelerate their band placements and gain entry into ensembles of more musical challenge.

We know there will be a mix of emotions with any form of auditions. That is the nature of growing and being able to handle both maturely – support our kids and cheer them on! Each of our bands will have an incredible season and we look forward to working with all our kids soon!