Pay Band Fees

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Please feel free to reach out to the treasurers at with any questions or to discuss a payment arrangement.

We greatly appreciate your urgent attention and partnership to support of our students and the band program.

We’re really fortunate and proud of our AMAZING CHSBBC! Our Booster Club is "ALL-IN" to provide and establish a strong support system for the students of the Creekview Band. Our Band fee remains at a considerable economic amount compared to the increase and high dollar cost in a vast number of 5A/6A marching band programs (often 800.00+) Considering our fee amount and fundraising efforts, we have been able to strategically provide a great balance of resource, equipment and auxiliary support for the program. Attached is a chart that highlights the percentage use of our band fees and that of the fundraising efforts. Even though our fee is at $500.00 we supplement an additional $461.47 per student across the whole program. Your students are in an organization that will help them develop skills that will serve them for a lifetime through the daily opportunity to practice and refine as people and musicians. Before you make your final payments, please remember that this is an investment in the quality of resource, and program you student will participate in. We work together and very hard to secure the best for your students - SPECIAL THANKS TO ALL OUR BOOSTER MEMBERS AND BOOSTER BOARD for all of your time and passion for our kids!