Excellence In All We Do

Culture Statement

Our personality is defined by confidence, devotion, ambition, and compassion. We have the drive and determination to use our opportunities to the fullest and exceed our potential. We are a diverse group of accepting individuals that pull together to ultimately create a large family. The fun we have is enjoyed frequently in ways that are inclusive and positive for both individuals and the collective program. Through hard work and dedication, the early mornings and long nights we commit allow us to grow closer, have fun, and make lasting memories.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Creekview High School Band is to create a fun environment where we compete at a professional level while accepting and caring for one another. We are passionately driven to succeed through focus and productivity. By demonstrating consistency in performance, the Mustang Band is setting the standard through achievement in which it develops a healthy team concept, strong individuals, and exceptional leaders. The band experience should be one that leaves a lasting character impression and one that facilitates lessons that apply to life in general. The Creekview Band most importantly does not lose sight of its PRIDE:


The band's culture statement defines what the band wants to be known for: campus and community leaders who embrace change, thrive on creativity and achieve goals. The band's mission is to promote excellence in music, to build trust in each other, to set a high standard of performance in our region, area and state and to develop character and integrity in every individual as a whole.