10 Awesome Reasons to Take the SAT

10 Awesome Reasons to Take the SAT

Stated by the Princeton Review, the SAT is an entrance exam used by most colleges and universities to make admissions decisions. ... The purpose of the SAT is to measure a high school student's readiness for college, and provide colleges with one common data point that can be used to compare all applicants.

There are also added benefits for taking the exam. The College Career Military Readiness department has created a list of awesome reason for students in the Carrollton-farmers Branch Independent School District to take the SAT exam.

Here are the top 10 reasons why CFBISD students should take the SAT:

  1. SAT offered during the school day by CFBISD is free of charge to students!
    CFB pays the cost of the test, which would typically cost students $52 each time they take the test on their own at a testing center.
  2. Opening doors to college: College admissions
    SAT scores are one way colleges can verify that you are qualified to attend their programs and be admitted to their schools. While many colleges are considering SAT scores optional for admissions this year due to COVID, we are not certain that they will continue the “score optional” practice beyond this school year. You may need test scores in the future if you change colleges, or if you apply to a community college the first year and later transfer to a university. Also, if you score higher on this SAT than any previous SAT tests you’ve taken before, colleges may “superscore,” or use the highest scores from each SAT you’ve taken.
  3. Make your name available to scholarship programs
    In 2019, students who took the SAT and opted-in to Student Search Service were connected to $33 Million in scholarship opportunities. Opting-in is free and voluntary, and you can opt-in on your SAT answer sheet or through your College Board account. You’ll answer a few questions on your SAT answer sheet, such as your intended college major, so that colleges who offer that major can find you and offer scholarship application opportunities and admissions information to you.
  4. Some schools award scholarships based upon qualifying SAT or ACT scores
    Having SAT scores could make students eligible for the scholarships that require them. Students should read scholarship requirements and applications thoroughly to determine if SAT scores are needed.
  5. Balance a lower GPA
    A strong score on the SAT may show colleges your potential if your GPA does not accurately reflect your ability. This is a way to demonstrate to college admissions committees how far you have advanced academically throughout your high school years.
  6. Discover potential for success in Advanced Placement courses, which could lead to college credit
    Taking the PSAT and SAT provides schools with statistics that suggest how successful each student is likely to be in certain AP courses. This information can help guide students who are considering taking advanced courses but who are not sure which may be the best fit for them. Strong AP test scores can be applied toward college credit, which means spending less on tuition because credit may be awarded without having to take the course. Students with AP test scores should speak with their college admissions advisors to determine if their scores qualify and should be applied toward specific course credits
  7. College readiness feedback
    PSAT and SAT score reports show students whether they are on track to be ready for college-level work, including how close they are to being on track for college readiness according to expectations for the current grade levels.
  8. Access to free practice on Khan Academy tailored to individual student needs
    Students who take a PSAT or SAT test may connect their College Board accounts to Khan Academy at https://www.khanacademy.org/sat where they have access to free tutorials to build skills over time. Tutorials are structured to help students practice only the skills they have not yet mastered. Targeted practice can strengthen academic skills and improve test scores over time.
  9. Measure individual progress over time
    When students take the PSAT and SAT tests, they will have a record of their previous test scores and can compare their growth in college readiness over time. This is a great way to look back on the courses taken and individual preparation to see which strategies and courses have been the most beneficial in facilitating progress toward college readiness.
  10. Connection to college admissions application fee waivers, for students who qualify
    The College Board can offer fee waivers to students who qualify. These cover the fees for certain college admissions steps, such as sending additional SAT score reports to colleges and waiving admissions application fees.

More information regarding fee waivers

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