Festival de Mariachi: CFBISD Hosts First-Ever Mariachi Festival

Festival de Mariachi: CFBISD Hosts First-Ever Mariachi Festival

Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD celebrated the rich tradition of mariachi music with its first-ever "Festival de Mariachi" (Mariachi Festival) on April 25 at DeWitt Perry Middle School.

The festive event featured performances by five CFBISD mariachi groups from Creekview High School, Field Middle School, Perry Middle School, Polk Middle School and Smith High School. Parents, family and community members packed the auditorium to cheer on the performers. 

"We are incredibly proud of our students and their teachers for their dedication to this beautiful art form," said Mark Rohwer, CFBISD Director of Fine Arts. "The students are learning a lot and having a blast."

The mariachi programs in CFBISD first began as after-school clubs focused on a single performance. However, the enthusiastic response from audiences and a growing appreciation for the cultural significance of mariachi music – both within the district and across the state – prompted the district to expand its support. CFBISD now boasts five mariachi ensembles, with plans to add more in the coming years. These groups perform not only at school concerts but also at community events, celebrations and National Hispanic Heritage Month festivities.

Funding for mariachi instruments has come from the district's Fine Arts office. Additionally, some ensembles have received financial backing from their campus booster clubs, donations from the community and grants from the CFB Educational Foundation.

"We are incredibly grateful to all these groups for their advocacy and support," Rohwer said. "The fact that our students rehearse outside of school hours speaks volumes about their commitment to mariachi music and the fine arts program."

The commitment extends to the CFBISD Fine Arts faculty, many of whom have embraced the challenge of learning to teach and lead in this new art form for many students.

"Our students are incredibly enthusiastic and dedicated," Rohwer said. "We look forward to continuing to provide them with the support they need to excel. To anyone who hasn't experienced the joy of a mariachi performance by our student ensembles, I urge you to come to the next concert. You won't be disappointed."

CFBISD Student Mariachi Ensembles

Creekview Mariachi Mesteño — Creekview HS
Directed by: Arturo Denis & Nate Salas
Brian Vazquez
Georgina (Gina) Gomez-Alfaro
Anyeli Cazares-Garcia
Jannette Amesquita-Lemus
Ahtziri Martinez
Philip Prum
Angel De Leon-Valdez
Isidoro Martinez
Iris Burke
Estrella Duran
Valentina Masyrrubi
Sameer Azam
Kevin Perales
Frida Delgadillo
Mariachi de las Águilas Doradas — DeWitt Perry MS
Directed by: Julia Lawson, Tap McIntosh & Brenton Wolfe
Rogelio Adame Acosta
Benjamin Aguilar
Gabriel Aguinaga
Jose Aguinaga
Juan Pablo Alba
Jose Aleman
Oscar Aleman
Rory Bolton
Ethan Cisneros
Ethan Elkurdi
Gabrielle Garcia
Lucas Garcia 
Brandon Hernandez
Aaron Nunez
Jaiden Rodriguez
Emmanuel Sanchez
Amy Torres
Axel Torres
Elvia Tovar
Mariachi Azul — Field Middle School
Directed by: Diane LaCount, Stefanie Herrera, Kevin Lopez & Kelly Niño
Miranda Rodriguez Bocanegra
Valerie Rodriguez
Valeria Perez-Esquivel
Eloy Anguiano 
Zarya Clemente
Virginia De Casas
Angelina Ramirez
Sadie Vazquez
Alyssa Campos
Esteban Rodriguez
Natalia Colon
Michael Granados
Emma Campos
Allison Godinez
Gabby Beaudion
Delilah Rivera

Mariachi Troyanos — Newman Smith HS
Directed by: JeRae Dublin & Jessica Harry
Dylan Branam 
Esteban Casas
Kelvin Da Silva
Diego Jones
Bethany Milbrandt
Henry Swinford
Jasmine Martinez
Jaime Sandoval
Mario Cervantes
Sofia Esparza
Emily Rios
Jacqueline Lopez
Anderson Ortiz
Ezekiel Taylor
Giovanni Villarreal
Mariachi Pantera — Polk MS
Directed by: Javi Niño, Les Sellers, Jesse Samaripa & Agnieszka Servantez
Alejandra Cruz Risser
Alexandre Ramirez
Anita Cruz Risser
Aubree Jacob
Jessica Phillips
Morgan Perez
Morning McKibbin
Trent Burkhead
Evelyn Esparza 
David Gallegos
Michell Ibanez
Ashley Pantoja
Christopher Canales
Malek Peeler
Santiago Reyez Perez
Benjamin Longoria
Dennis Arredondo
Annabelle Rodriguez
Sofia Castro